Improving Physical Activity Accessibility on Campus

Using the experience of the Paris Paralympics 2024 to rethink accessibility to physical activity on Campus and beyond
Improving Physical Activity Accessibility on Campus
Reference Code EUG2_T5_1_0011
Host Institution UPSaclay - Université Paris-Saclay

Join a 3-day workshop to improve your knowledge and critical thinking on how to make physical activity more inclusive for everyone on campus and beyond.

The workshop will take place over 3 days at the Paris-Saclay campus, focusing mostly on hands-on activities and group problem-solving.

Period 4 Sep 2024 — 6 Sep 2024
Duration 3 days
Mode Physical
Type of activity Workshop
Target groups Undergraduate students, Master students
Location Paris
ISCED Fields of Study All fields
Contact Person Caroline Teulier
Content and Methodology

Day 1: The morning includes lectures on the importance of physical activity for all, the organization of sporting events, and the specifics of the Paralympics. In the afternoon, there will be an initiation to Paralympic activities on campus, allowing participants to experience disabilities through physical activity.

Day 2: Students will spend a day in Paris, where they will have the opportunity to participate in some of the Paralympic Games events. The goal is to observe how these events are set up and run specifically for disabled individuals.

Day 3: The program will conclude with a seminar and exchanges between students to discuss accessibility to physical activity for all among the represented countries. The aim is to propose improvements for these events and, more generally, for accessibility to events organized on campuses..

* Selection will be based on motivation, CV, participation in previous EUGLOH Connected Walking Challenges through the Kiplin App, and prior knowledge of adapted physical activity or accessibility. Students with disabilities will be considered.

The overall group will be comprise of nearly 40 students, with teachers coming from 3 differents universities and working in the area of sport sciences and disabilities (Novi Sad, Technical Institut of Munich, Paris-Saclay).

Groups of students will be mixed bewteen different countries to help you to reflect on how differents countries in Europe are taclking the problem of inclusion on campus and outside. You will also have the chance to experience a day at the Paralympics to improve your knowledge about adapted physical activiti 

Recognition Certificate of participation
Language English
Funding by EUGLOH budget Funded in part
Recruitment of Participants Qualitative Assessment
Number of open spots 40
Call for Applications
Current call
7 Jun 2024 — 20 Jul 2024 Apply now